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  • National Theater Institute: NTIAdmissions@theoneill.org (upcoming deadline 3/20/20)
  • National Directors Fellowship: NDF@theoneill.org 
  • Plays, Musicals, Puppetry, Critics, Cabaret: LitOffice@theoneill.org 

"NTI is a practicum. It is your laboratory. We hope to test your limits. We hope that you exceed your own expectations and perceptions of what those limits may be. We hope to redefine what you believe is possible, the possibilities of what can happen in a day, and the possibilities of what can happen on the stage. The people you work with at NTI join you on your professional and personal journey sharing a common experience, language, and work ethic.  Ready? Let's begin!" - Rachel Jett, NTI Artistic Director 

THANK YOU FOR APPLYING TO THE NATIONAL THEATER INSTITUTE!  We look forward to reviewing your materials and working together to support your artistic aspirations.  

Application Deadlines: 

  • MARCH 20 - (Summer and Fall Programs) National Theater Institute Semester, National Music Theater Institute, NTI-Advanced Directing, Moscow Art Theatre Semester, Theatermakers Summer Intensive 
  • OCTOBER 20 (Spring Programs) National Theater Institute Semester, NTI-Advanced Directing, NTI-Advanced Playwriting 

NTI uses Submittable to help you manage your application. Create an account below to start your application, save it, and submit it on your time. 

QUESTIONS?  Contact us at ntiadmissions@theoneill.org. Please add this email to your contacts to ensure that you receive all your materials. 

If you have any technical questions regarding the Submission form, login information, or payment, please contact Submittable at support@submittable.com. 

Please review the submission guidelines on the National Musical Theater Conference website. Please note that all submissions are in consideration for in-person development and, if necessary, a digital format of development.  If you think that your work will not thrive in a potential digital version of our process, we completely understand and hope you'll consider submitting your work in future years.

You will be asked to provide the following materials:

  • A single PDF of the first 30 pages of your book or script. This document should be named after the title of your piece. You are welcome to include a character breakdown and synopsis in the front matter of this document.  Be sure to include page numbers, and feel free to include a page or two over the limit to avoid breaking up a scene. If any of your demo tracks fall within these first 30 pages, please note where they begin. 

  • A single PDF of your full tracklist for your entire piece, including all songs outside of your five submitted demos. Include the full title of each song, character names, and the page number of the script where each track begins — even if it falls outside of the first 30 pages.  

  • Up to five demos tracks in show order. Be sure to include the track number and song title in the name of each file.  You are welcome to include demos that fall outside your 30-page script sample--please upload the demos in show order. You may upload as little as one file.  You may not upload more than five files.

  • A short biographical statement for each creative artist on your team.

  • A Statement of Objectives for your piece. 

  • A Developmental History of your submission.  

  • A short Synopsis of your piece. 

  • A Character Breakdown for your piece.  Please list character name, vocal/instrumental requirements, doubling schemes, and any necessary identifying trait including but not limited to age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, ability, etc. 

  • Additional Information: Be prepared to provide your contact information and, if applicable, that of your representation. If you are adapting a piece that is not in the public domain, please email a copy of your rights to the work to litoffice@theoneill.org after submitting your application. You may also include a link to one or two videos of your demos in performance, but please do NOT link to a video recording of the entire piece.  

  • Make sure to settle the $35 application fee at the end of the application form. 

  • For our evaluation purposes, we do not accept or require scores. 

 Due to the high volume of submissions that the National Music Theater Conference receives annually, we ask that you carefully review the following:  

  • You must adhere to all stated guidelines to ensure your application is complete. 
  • If an error is discovered upon review of your submission, the O'Neill Literary Office will reach out to you directly. You will have 48 hours to update your application with the corrected material.  If your application is not amended within that window, it will be withdrawn, and your fee will not be refunded. 

 Please complete your application by 11:59pm PST on October 30, 2020. 

If you have any questions regarding your application, please contact the O'Neill Literary Office at litoffice@theoneill.org. 

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